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Paulo Cortez
Cândida Mota
"A CERCICA, no âmbito de uma necessidade levantada em uma suas valências, o Serviço de Apoio Domiciliário, para aquisição de diversos equipamentos de ajudas técnicas, consultou a MOBILITEC no sentido de poder ser a vir a ser o fornecedor desses mesmos equipamentos."
Ricardo Neves
Laurent Lécuyer
"My name is Laurent Lecuyer and was born near Paris. I met Mobilitec met when I needed a comfortable and sturdy wheelchair to walk in the rugged streets of Porto and Matosinhos, as I have no car I use the metro, but I'm very independent. Mobilitec could answer my questions and requirements."
Mobility » Tricycles and Motorcycles » Motorcycles and Scooters
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Ref. Colibri
  0 votes
A Micro Scooter colorida e repleta de estilo, para poder adequar ao gosto de cada cliente! Disponível em duas versões, rodas 200x50 com baterias de 12Ah ou rodas 210x65 com baterias de 18Ah ("outdoor"). O sistema Litelock permite montar e desmontar a scooter em segundos para fácil transporte na mala do automóvel.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
1 309,10
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Ref. 1534670 | ISO 12 16 09
  0 votes
Scooter that offers a safe and quiet driving, easy to handle. Includes adjustable column conduction to optimize driving position of the scooter, light system, swivel seat and adjustable in depth and folding armrests.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
1 616,50
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Immediate Availability, unless out of stock
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Ref. 1515599 | ISO 12 16 09
  0 votes
Stable, reliable and durable. Adjustment of the steering column: the user can adjust the direction according with his needs. Ergonomic steering wheel to prevent fatigue of the hands and arms during long trips. Brakes: ensures a fast and secure braking if necessary.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
2 199,50
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Immediate Availability, unless out of stock
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